How To Curate Your Own Capsule Wardrobe


So you wanna build a capsule wardrobe...well you've come to the right place #dreamgirl. With the minimalism movement growing stronger each day, we decided to explore the concept of implementing a capsule wardrobe within our own lives. Now the idea of a capsule wardrobe is nothing new, as a matter of fact it's been around since the 70's. But what is a capsule wardrobe anyways? A "capsule wardrobe" consists of a collection of essential pieces that never go out of style and are transitional from one season to the next and/or can be augmented into the next season.  

Admittedly, we are fairly new comers to the idea of curating a wardrobe purposely consistent of only essential, transitional pieces. Leading a lifestyle where fashion and style often take center stage, you can imagine we've racked up a closet reminiscent of an endless sea of clothes, shoes, accessories and a shopping problem somewhere in between but the appeal of simplifying your closet was one that accompanied our quest to live a more conscious lifestyle. Amidst our journey, we picked up a few tips to share in curating your very own capsule closet. 

  1. Simplify- Very quickly we learned simplicity was a recurring concept. Now simplicity doesn't imply 'boring', but rather elicits a lack of difficulty. A capsule collection should feel effortless. 
  2. Be Purposeful- When curating what pieces will make the cut, be intentional with your wardrobe. Ask yourself "how many wears can I get from this piece? Is it transitional? Can I create several looks with this?" If the answer is yes, you're well on your way! But if not, continue shopping for those pieces that will offer a purpose beyond aesthetics. 
  3. The Essentials- This one is key! Looking towards the classics is a great place to start. Hunt down those closet staples that stand the test of time and easily integrate into any season. 
  4. Turn to transitional- This one plays along the essentials. Make sure to scour pieces that can transition into various seasons and/or can seamlessly fit into your current wardrobe. 
  5. Curate a color palette- Often you will find that capsule wardrobes have a theme that centers around a neutral palette and with good reason! Neutrals are universal colors that never fade their appeal season after season. This step however is open to interpretation, the fun part of curating a wardrobe is that it is reminiscent of your unique personality and style, so if you're a bold fashionista go for the color. The purpose is to simplify a wardrobe by creating a collection with thought and intention.
  6. Shop brands that help do the work for you- Quality is something to always consider when creating a conscious wardrobe. It helps to shop brands that take quality and ethics seriously and produce pieces that are lasting and beautiful.

To assist in simplifying the process, we curated our own capsule wardrobe featuring some of our fave Stormie Dream staple pieces :)



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Till next time #dreamgirls!


Stormie Dreams