An Intro To Cruelty Free Beauty


If you're a makeup and beauty addict whose recently started to question the responsibility behind your beloved beauty and skincare products, fear not #dreamgirls you are not alone! As a beauty addict myself, my love affair with all things skincare,makeup, and beauty started a few years back during my high school years. As a matter of fact, I distinctly remember my first trip to Sephora where I bought an array of Benefit products to get me started thanks to the overly zealous makeup sales person. There was no turning back from that day forward, I was instantly hooked. I spent hours on Youtube watching some of my fav beauty gurus share their thoughts and tutorials, vigorously read through beauty forums to get the latest dish on the newest products and trends and before you knew it I had acquired a hefty collection of beauty and skincare products (several hundred dollars later....oops).

Before I delve into how this cruelty-free beauty journey started, I should mention that I am an avid documentary watcher. I absolutely love watching films that seek to educate and spread awareness! More like "documentaries and chill" am I right?! I love learning new things and gaining insightful knowledge, it was amidst my Netflix binge-watching weekends that I discovered the real truth behind many beauty companies and just like that I swore off purchasing another product that implemented animal testing in their products, using my deep-rooted love and compassion for animals as a constant reminder as to why cruelty-free was the only choice. Much argument circulates the controversy over animal testing on products. It is often asked, "if not animals, then who do we test the safety of products on?" On humans/the consumers. Likewise this poses the question, should we be using products that implement animal testing to see just how safe the chemicals that go inside it are? In this modern age, consumers are more conscious and aware of what goes on around us and inside us as well. The face being the most porous area of our bodies, it easily absorbs and ingests what lies on it. It is important to be cautious and curious of the ingredients listed on many of these products, many tend to be toxic and can potentially lead to drastic side effects and issues internally and/or externally over time through constant use. Though many beauty companies maybe required by law (i.e. China) to test their products on animals, there are tons of companies out there offering responsibly made products that are wonderful dupes if not better alternatives to your fav beauty products! From high-end to budget-friendly, there are definitely amazing quality, cruelty-free options out there (promise!)

Almost 2 years later, I have gained another hefty collection of new cruelty-free products! (also several more hundred dollars later...I will never learn tbh) Many natural, organic, and vegan but all cruelty-free! So for those of you who are transitioning or are in lieu of cruelty-free products, I will be sharing my current fav products that I love and use in my daily beauty routine. 


*just a note: I have fair, oily/combination skin, just about all of the products listed below are suitable for all skin types but not everything will work the same on everyone!*











Setting Powder









Keep a lookout for the following symbols on your products to see whether it's certified cruelty free!  




For more information about cruelty free beauty or to check whether a brand is bunny approved or not check out:  &

Until next time #dreamgirls! Stay cute and cruelty free ;)