Dueces To Plastic


As we embark on the new year, we’re saying deuces to the past…like using plastic. I mean really, plastic is so 2015. As part of our New Year’s resolution, we will be actively looking for new and creative ways to integrate more sustainable practices here at Stormie Dreams. First up: packaging. Now, most #dreamgirls know the excitement of receiving their Stormie Dreams package and discovering that everything comes enclosed in a reusable tote bag. Cool right? Free tote bag that can be used for groceries, makeup, books, pretty much anything and everything tbh. But we realize that plastic is really not that cool…

With that being said, we will no longer be using poly plastic bags to package your Stormie Dreams custom pieces.

Now you can feel better knowing that your clothing travels sustainably too!

“Poly bags” (polyethylene) are a standard in the fashion industry. Typically when clothing is shipped from the manufacturer to designers, stores, etc., they are folded neatly and put into a poly bag and then packaged in boxes as they prepare to get shipped to their destination. Sometimes old habits die hard, after many years of routinely preparing clothes for shipment we too had fallen into the same causal routine in our manufacturing warehouse in preparing our own Stormie Dreams orders…until we were awaken by some alarming statistics about plastic and the harm that it caused to mother Earth.

Now most of us are aware of the recycling symbol we see everywhere on glass bottles, cardboards, paper, and plastic but how many actually recycle these items? Well, only 1-3% of plastic bags are recycled WORLDWIDE. So where do the remaining 97-99% end up? Most of these plastic bags end up clogging our landfills or become ocean waste. Because polyethylene is a synthetic compound it does not biodegrade, instead it photodegrades, meaning it breaks down into smaller and smaller toxic bits that contaminate our soil and water. Additionally, because poly bags do not break down naturally, it will take approximately1000 years to break down!


Now if that wasn’t alarming enough, this effect goes beyond harming our environment, it endangers our wild life as well like this cute sea turtle :( . When plastic is discarded it often finds its ways into the ocean where animals tend to ingest the plastic that can entangle vital organs and leaves behind a fatal ending. As a matter of fact, it is reported that a staggering 86% of sea turtles have reported problems of entanglement or ingested marine debris.



So with all this info, what can we do to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint with plastic?

  • RECYCLE any plastic material that has a recycling symbol present. Recycled plastic can be upcycled into other cute things!
  • Opt for paper bags at the grocery store instead of plastic or up your game and invest in reusable plastic bags- *you get a free reusable tote with every Stormie Dreams purchase btw ;)*
  • Switch from buying plastic water bottles to reusable water bottles-the investment will pay itself  off.
  • Swap your plastic food containers to glass food containers…it’s much healthier for you anyways!
  • Say no thanks to straws.
  • Look for natural beauty scrubs that don’t contain those pesky microbeads…your face will thank you too.
  • Bring your own cup or mug to the coffee shop.
  • Look for paper packaging in foods instead of plastic.
  • Encourage others to reduce their plastic consumption as well!


As we eliminate plastic from our packaging, we are always open ears to hear any new ideas in integrating more sustainable methods so feel free to comment below or email pattie@stormiedreams.com.

There you have it #dreamgirls, until next week!


Stormie Dreams

Stormie Dreams