You’re probably wondering by now, just what is “cut & sew couture” right? Cut & sew couture is our way and model of implementing change and shaking things up in the fashion industry. We like to be in tune with our dream girls who constantly inspire our brand, we want to provide and bring forth a shopping experience like no other. We give every piece of clothing that gets made in our warehouse some individual TLC; that means that whatever item you have ordered is individually cut and sewn only when it is ordered, giving you your own special piece of couture clothing! By implementing this form of clothing production, we significantly reduce fabric waste that results from having an excess of inventory. We’re no ordinary company, we like to take pride in our work and ensure that every piece that is made in our factory is just as special as the woman buying it.


Designed with you in mind

Our pieces are designed with careful thought to stay in tune with what our #dreamgirls want. Whats better? Sustainability now takes on a whole new meaning in our design process too. Our designers and stylists work hand in hand to scour treasured vintage patterns in hidden gems in the city and give them a modern update. We listen to what you want and bring modern fashion to life responsibly. 


Made in the USA

Born in Los Angeles, Stormie Dreams prides itself in keeping everything made in the USA and providing job opportunities to those in our very own communities. Ethical work and fair wages are the new standard. 


Cut To Order

The magic is always in the details and thats exactly the kind of attention every order gets! We implement a strict zero waste policy where we do not carry an overstock of inventory. This means every order is only cut and made once it's ordered, this allows us to ensure every order gets the special attention it needs to make sure its perfect for our #dreamgirls. Because of this, we note in our FAQ that  processing may take 2-7 days to be processed depending on the intricacy of the order.


Want to know more? Have any unanswered questions?  Feel free to drop us a line!